Rumour: EA working on multiplayer-focused Mercenaries 3

After job positions claiming EA were looking for ‘an experienced Level Designer’ to work on a “multiplayer focussed third person shooter”, we have yet more to back this up. The latest Official PlayStation Magazine UK hints towards this being true with their own reporting and findings:

EA is making a new, multiplayer-focussed third-person shooter using the Frostbite engine. Smart money says Mercenaries  3.

Whilst this is far from confirmation, it would seem the right time for the game to hit development, with maybe an E3 revealing coming up. It is also thought the Frostbite engine would give it that feeling the game has been missing in the past two games, with an all ready developed engine, this game should hit the ground running. The destructive environments should help the game in being more… destructive than ever!

We will keep you updated if there is any more news related to this.

Harry Barnes

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  • guest

    I’ve heard stuff like that. But the EA servers are down for Mercs 2.

  • C A Cop Killa Cop

    not on xbox 360

  • Alex

    Just cause servers for Mercs 2 is down doesn’t mean there is no development on Mercs 3. It’s quite possible and hopefully true. Been looking forward to a sequel for awhile.

    • Harry Barnes

      We hope so too, a third in the series would be more than welcome.