Rumour: Modern Warfare 3 multiplayer details leaked

We have just received from an unlikely source – but very trustworthy source – of some big Modern Warfare 3 multiplayer details. Although unwilling to give further details, what with the official gameplay trailer tonight, our source said that further details of it will be unveiled ‘in the coming weeks’.

Our source did say that the game will feature cod points, but in a heavily ‘redesigned and refocused way’. This could mean you earn it differently, as he said that ‘wager matches are unlikely to return’. It could also mean you spend it in different ways, as he goes on to say ‘single player has a very multiplayer feel to it, with some interesting ideas to it’. We can only speculate that this may be the ability to buy weapons in single player with cod points, although our source said not to take his word for that specific point.

He also said that there will be ‘a huge improvement in the number of maps, modes and game types’, and to expect ‘more people on maps than you would normally expect’. 32 players was thrown about, but he didn’t want to comment any more on it.  He did say whilst there will be no more wager matches, as he said Infinity Ward are in the mind of how they didn’t copy Zombies, they won’t copy wager matches, but he did say there will be some incorporated ‘similar modes’ to that of wager matches. He also let slip that ‘they might include teams of three for one mode’ although he stopped into going into any more details, sounding unsure whether it would make the cut. Finally he said there may be ‘up to 23 maps from launch, but they have plans for huge post-support DLC’. This echoes what fourzerotwo said on twitter about Infinity Ward having plans for longer post-launch support.

Question is: if true or not – will these enhancements be enough to keep gamers away from other franchise such as Battlefield 3, and stick to their Call of Duty roots? For most it would be, but I would wait until the unveiling to decide whether it will add enough to the experience or not.

We would remind you that this is all just rumours at the moment, and we expect some news to confirm or not what we have been told soon. Stay tuned for the latest Modern Warfare 3 news as we get it.








Harry Barnes

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  • Joonas Hoikka

    Enhancements or not, a Call of Duty game will always have place in my shelf. So does the Battlefield games. It’s just so great as a gamer to get games that get better and better because of the competition. BF3 and MW3 will be day one for sure!

    • Harry Barnes

       That’s a great point, competition is always a good thing to have as a gamer. And every game has a place on the shelf, even supposedly bad games do. After all, all games are competing for your money, so we hope every game improves year on year.

  • Dave

    Wait till you see the destruction in MW3! It gives BF3 a run for its money! 

    • Harry Barnes

      I’m sure and hope it does!

  • Nick

     I’m reading a lot of maybes and if’s in your article, your source seems to be as vague and forgetful as possible. Drop the Men in Black act, this is video games we are talking about, it’s not nuclear missile secrets.

    I call BS

    • Harry Barnes

      A lot of ifs and maybes so he doesn’t looks stupid if he’s wrong. The game is months away from release, so details are not set in stone just yet.

  • A Smart person

    Can IW/Treyarch EVER come up with something original? Christ. Wager Matches were copy and pasted from Counter Strike, file sharing was EXACTLY like Halo 3 (hell, they even put the same amount of slots per player), theater was exactly like Halo 3, and destructible environments are just a carbon copy of Battlefield’s.
    Just changes this a bit. We don’t tolerate swearing in any form.

    • Harry Barnes

      Well we agree that they took the best from the rest so to speak – but so did Uncharted and that is an amazing game!

    • Ifyify

       who care’s where it all comes from as long as it’s as entertaining as MW2 was. go cry elsewhere, dont u think that if it were that easy to make something “original” it would be done every time. God, what is happening to our DNA pool?

    • obvious is obvious

      change your comment, all examples you used was from black ops. Treyarch copys, Infinity ward is original.

    • Jatt

      why the f*** do you care if they taking aspects from another. first off if IW wants to do the same things as other companies let them they always do a better job anyways. 2nd cod games will always take the cake when it comes to a military fps because it is the most realistic to the person playing it. in cod you feel  almost  as if your in the war this is something that alot of other fps’s havent been able to capture and with the level of customization that cod offers it becomes uncomparable to any other fps on the market

      • Harry Barnes

        Mind the language. And no way is it the most realistic, many titles are more so, such as Operation Flashpoint. You don’t regenerate health in war, do you?

    • Ibelkl

      Put them all together you get the best game in the world That is why they copy they get good features from good games and put them together to make an better game. (WIN)

  • Bholland22_2002

    same ole game as usual, just new cover art. thats the story from year to year. heres an idea.. try something new 

    • Harry Barnes

      I would agree, but you have to admit that cod 4 was great when it came out, just hope they do something as big and bold as cod 4 was with its outstanding multiplayer!

      • Bholland22_2002

         cod 4 was great. but after that it went downhill fast. to many rediculous perks, and stupid kill streaks. i cant stand them. cod 3 is still the best in the series. just due to the fact that it is a straight up shooter with no fillers. with the newer games people become bullet sponges and the kill streaks do the killing for the player.

        • Harry Barnes

          The killstreaks got ridiculous, and black ops tried to take some away, but added silly things like RC cars. I would say cod4 is my favorite, simple as call of duty will ever be for a long time.

          • Bholland22_2002

            i agree. but i still thank cod 3 was the simplest as far as the series goes. it was all about how fast and accurate of a shot u were. my only complaint about 3 was they didnt give us chat. which was freaking retarted seeing that every other version had it.  

          • Harry Barnes

            Yeah, that was weird. I didn’t really play cod3 much, but do agree it was the simplest.

          • Bholland22_2002

            you missed out man. i still play it with a few friends. its still a blast. nothing like shooting with one shot from a sniper rifle and the player actually dieing. kind of nice not having to worry about bullet sponges 

          • Harry Barnes

            Yeah that’s a great feeling, like Counter Strike for PC gamers.

          • Bholland22_2002

            or arma 2. now thats one heck of shooter. i love it 

          • Harry Barnes

            Just goes to show how many great games there are!

          • Bholland22_2002

            like i said before the only thing that changes from cod to cod game is the cover art and the developer.  

          • Harry Barnes

            Since cod4 I could not disagree. What other developers such as Guerrilla games, would have released as patches, they release new games. They know people will buy it, so why change? Its very clever business.

  • Rich

    Yes they will have post launch support and all you sheep will plunk down $90 for another shitty activision game.

    • Harry Barnes

      At this point in time, I’m not going to get it unless they show something different. Take a look at our ‘Why call of duty is dying out article’ for more of our thoughts on this.

    • Bholland22_2002



     Please no COD points. Please.
    They open an interesting venue, with the wager matches and whatnot, but they eliminate the greatest pleasure COD offers: the hard-earned joy of finally unlocking that silencer, or that camo you’ve been headshotting fools for weeks for. They just completely kill it, IMHO.

    • Harry Barnes

      They did take away that feeling, yes. It just felt seperate in how you earned and spent them, not automatic like unlocking a gun.

  • Crikis

    Please, leave the tactical nuke on MW3. that was the fun of killing. Now when you reach to your last kill streak on Black Ops the excitement is gone.

    • Harry Barnes

      If it was a legitimate kill steak, then yes. But there were far too many exploiters and hacks/glitches that it made it not as fun – at least on the PS3 version it did.

  • Jeremy Ash Fletcher

     aww i was hoping for the point form 😛

  • p00nhammer

    battlefield 3 all the way.  What they are really saying regarding support is “we have come up with more ways to extract 15 dollars from our fans every couple of months”

  • Jordan

    COD is dead.  BF is the evolution.

    • Harry Barnes

      I wouldn’t say Cod is dead, but Battlefield is certaintly the way to go for me.

    • Brahmzy

      Cod is dead?? How big of a rock do you live under?!?!?!?!?!

      • Harry Barnes

        Did you read the title? dying, not dead

    • Marines Ohh-rah

      HOW, Modern Warfare 2 made about $401 MILLION in North America and UK. And Black Ops made $20000 on the first day, ya sure it may not be as much as MW2 but still it is a lot of money. AND YOU SAY THAT COD IS DEAD. If a lot of people are willing to get the first Modern Warfare and the second the there is no doubt in my mind that people (maybe even more people, not caring that they won’t know what is going on, will buy it) who brought the first and second Modern Warfare will buy the third one too.

      • Harry Barnes

        We are talking about ‘dying’, not that it is all ready ‘dead’. Its getting staler every year, its a shame people buy it every year, missing out on great titles such as Killzone 3, and instead just playing cod every winter.

  • NotARussianSpyPromise

    Sounds good to me, im not going to keep my hopes up like i did for Black Ops, but im not going to pretend that i wont pre-order it and play it for hours.

    • Harry Barnes

      This is what happened with me last year. I only pre ordered it at the last second purely because of zombies.

  • ManzClan

    COD is they way of killing battlefeild is the way of camping and plaing tactically

    • Loay-1996

      I agree i hate campers so I go with cod besides how cares about health regeneration it’s a game Harry barnes and no cod is no dying

      • Harry Barnes

        There are a lot of things despite what I said to say Cod isn’t the most realistic FPS out there.

  • Alwydcvn

    I want to know if there will be dedicated servers or not

    • Harry Barnes

      This will likely depend on the platform – I would expect these on PC and 360.

  • Jrleake94

    well if anything modern warfare 3 is gonna be on the pro circuit way before battlefield 3… battlefield is a fun game but it is not recognized by mlg yet, so ima actually buy both but stick to reach and mw3 most of the time

  • Riley Hammel

    zombies zombies we need zombies

    • Harry Barnes

      That’s Treyarch’s creation, and Infinity Ward didn’t include it last time because they didn’t want to copy. It would be kinda backtracking on that principle to go and include it now.

  • smart ass

     plans for longer post-launch support… So They Are Saying They Might Actually Patch Hacks? :O

  • MrWright27

    Like this if you think they should have a gametype withe 4 teams on 2 or 3…. and teams are usa vs france vs england vs germany…

    • Harry Barnes

      Interesting idea. They should change the online for sure, in gametypes.

  • Bvb844

    Can Infinity Ward and Treyarch work together on a Call of Duty game?

    • Harry Barnes

      I dont think they will now. I think Infinity Ward don’t really like Treyarch as much as they seem to. They were pretty annoyed they used their engine for Waw and what with the whole court case going on with the ex-heads of Infinity Ward, the texts in particular are very interesting. Would be interesting if they both worked together, with cod having a year off and Spec Ops and Zombies on one disc would be great!

  • Marines Ohh-rah

    Okay I’ve been waiting for a long time now, I would like to know if is is a sequel to Modern Warfare and a prequel to Modern Warfare 2, also can you give me more detail to the Survival Mode to come or is that just a rumor too?

    • Harry Barnes

      Whilst we are not sure about whether it is a sequel or not, we think it will be a sequel to Modern Warfare 2. Also, Survival Mode is confirmed, it has several maps with endless waves of enemies coming at you with exploding dogs (sounds familiar, eh?) and kamikazes too. Hopefully its good!

  • Jakzak27

    well, i know what is gonna happen here. People who bought Cod4 and Modern Warfare 2 are gonna buy the same game they bought before with little amount of changes for $60 and feed another company money the don’t need. Its a cycle that millions of people fall into……..and im one of them.

    • Harry Barnes

      Yeah, and so have I. It will be a good game, nothing more, nothing less.

  • Jakob

    Also I’d like it if they actually made it realistic. Using a FAMAS to shoot a guy 12 times in the chest and he lives then takes cover and has enough energy to stab me once and kill me WTF!! also when you shoot a guy in the leg in real war while he’s running, he doesn’t keep running, he falls to the ground and he might not ever get up again. He doesn’t keep running and re-generate his health.

    • Harry Barnes

      Well, there is operation flashpoint if you want that. However, as that game proves, it foes take away some of the fun of the game. But I do agree, but call of duty has never been about realism in the same way, for example, burnout has never had the ‘real’ handling or speed.