Something huge is happening for PS3 next month

When I got my brand new Official PlayStation Magazine through the door, I had a quick browse through, read the review of the as expected awesome Uncharted 3, and then read the little Editor’s note at the beginning. There’s the usual of what’s in the issue, why Uncharted 3 is so good, but then there is this little gem at the end:




I promise you that next month is an equally significant issue in our history (referring to Uncharted 3 of this month’s issue). I desperately want to say more, but really mustn’t. Other than this: turn to p.81 for a stealthy hint and be very, very excited.

So what would you guess they are referring to? Here is the picture on page 81:

They could be referring to a number of things:

  1. Metal Gear Solid: The exclamation mark immediately struck me as a new entry in the Metal Gear Solid series. With the new Fox Engine being shown off, this could be the perfect time for a new game to be announced. But why is it green? You could argue the smoke and the stealth of it indicates this, and I could not say it isn’t going to be another MGS. The use of the word ‘stealthy’ backs this up even further.
  2. You could also place some bets on Modern Warfare 3. Mainly due to the three dots at the bottom, but Call of Duty is in love with smoky backgrounds. I wouldn’t say this is likely, it is a PlayStation magazine after all!
  3. The big one: GTA5. With the green coloured V and the fact it is a huge game, this could well be it. Have Sony got some kind of exclusivity towards it? That would be absolutely massive for Sony.

So what do you think? Let us know in the comment section below.

Harry Barnes

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  • anonymous34

    mgs rising is due to get rerevealed next month lol but i can’t see why that would be historically big for playstation the comparision to unch 3 suggests an exclusive….

    • Harry Barnes

      That’s what I thought, although anything to do with the MGS series is normally massive.

  • Sep

    probably just the mgs hd collection dude

    • Harry Barnes

      Don’t see this being it, nothing new?


      Sorry but it’s not…
      The MGS HD Collection was just sayd to be released February 2012.
      and What more new is there to tell about it?
      That PS3 get’s some exclusive extras? that we allredy know.;-)

  • Matthew Riches

    dash, dot, dot dot dot means TES in morse code, TES normally referrs to The Elder Scrolls.

    • Harry Barnes

      Wow, brilliant detective skills! We shall wait and see!

  • Norway

    Metal Gear Solid;Rising’s re-reveal.100% sure

    • Harry Barnes

      Seems to be the favourite!


      Norway! Best Contry that is!:-D
      But you can not be a 100% before there is proof.
      This is made to make us gues! But the clue might be like Shit we forgot that this marke is used in MGS!Dx kind of a deal.xD
      So what if it’s not MGS related at all?
      Then what? if you where a 100% sure… it means a 100% is not all anymore?
      BTW i’m Norwegian, i just reply in English so people can understand and reply back.

  • Shomosan84

    Could be green for a Splinter cell game? or maybe a release date for Metal Gear Rising? I’m gunna go with something metal gear related but what..who knows?

    • Harry Barnes

      I thought splinter cell, or even Syphon Filter, but it wouldn’t be the third game for either, so not sure!

  • The Truth

    It’s gonna be Metal Gear

    • Harry Barnes

      Lets see next month…

      • The Truth

        Definitely Metal Gear, how anyone could think differently is beyond my comprehension.


          Thinking diffrent is what makes the world move forward.;-)

  • Faz6191

    could also be Metal Gear Solid: Rising. I heard that the company making it will be revealing alot more next month so it could be more info on that game.

    • Harry Barnes

      New information is due soon, but will it be the reason for the ‘historical’ importance?

  • Gillonz

    Either GTA V or Syphon Filter

    • Harry Barnes

      We’re be doing a follow up article once we know more, be sure to check back soon!

  • Anonymous

    its MGS

  • StephenT

    Please please please, for the sake of my sanity, let this be MGS5.
    I dpn’t think it has anything to do with rising as “stealthy”, from what of seen of the trailers, is not a major part of MGS: Rising.

    • Harry Barnes

      But they may be adjusting to the critics of Rising, saying it wasn’t stealthy!


        But it was sayd that Metal Gear Solid was NOT going to be a stealth game like MGS1-4… but you have the element of stealt for those who want to.
        But Rising is about Attac and Speed… not Stelth.

  • bimz

    hmmm exclamation mark, three dots,… diablo 3? but it’s not red….

  • Theo ★|※|★ iAct

    An exclamation mark. This has MGS written all over it!

    • Harry Barnes

      But why the three dots?

      • Xino

        it has to be MGS.
        In MGS4, when enemies are detect something with “!” and later finds nothing, they would be cautious with “…” on their head.what does ! has to do wit COD? O_o

    • Nowitzki2004

      I think its MGS.
      “turn to p.81 for a stealthy hint and be very, very excited”Stealthy? Cannot be MW3!!!

      • Harry Barnes

        Literally going by the 3 dots and green and smoke background!

  • Duke Anyangwe

    MGSV or GTAV

  • Snake

    It’s dem metal gear solid rising, the bluey Greene color scheme is rising is identical to the exclamation point…and when snake gets spotted an exclamation point comes up…also konami confirmed that a MGS Rising reveal is next month, so…..

  • Carolinapanthas

    you nub theyve already stated about this huge happening its mgs rising and they annouced a re-release soon this is a obvious story if you follow news on …so yea writer do some homework before you post useless space on the wizzeb

    • Harry Barnes

      Thank you for your message, but did you read the article? The magazine has not confirmed what is in the next issue, you are referring to something else entirely. Also, next time could you please use spell check, hardly one to tell anyone to ‘do some some homework’.

  • Mxpxboy77

    The three dots or “squares” look like scrollable page marks from a phone. Just saying….

  • Muchopacka

    Zone of the Enders. 

    • Harry Barnes

      I hadn’t thought of this! Doesn’t scream stealth though does it?

      • Muchopacka

        “Stealthy” may not be referring to the game, but just that the clue itself eludes plain sight. 

        • Harry Barnes

          Yeah, I tried to ignore that for the GtaV suggestion, but I think it may refer to the three dots. Which reminds me, I need to check something about this!

  • Tim

    Wouldn’t this match with the rumored Golden Eye Holiday bundle? 

    • Harry Barnes

      Would it be that big news? We’ll have to wait and see…

  • Guest dude!

    “Stealthy” hint.  GET IT THE HINT WAS THE WORD “STEALTHY” oh man, they’re so clever.

    • Harry Barnes

      Cor, well done on spotting that one, it was well hidden and, well, stealthy!


    MGS Vita! Trust me.

    • Harry Barnes

      This is what I was thinking, didn’t put it in the article at the last minute. Maybe a bit too close to no major expo to announce? Or maybe not, thinking about it.

  • Bob Obb

    It’s MGS Rising. Konami already said look forward to big news this Winter, and what do you know the issue release at the start of winter.


      Well Knoami has much more than MGS.;-)
      + Hide Kojima the boss of Kojima Priductions, the develpors and creators of MGS has allredy sayd MGS Rising will be on E3 2012.
      So I Believe that it’s something else, might be MGS yes but not Rising.
      + it says On Sale 29Nov… they would not sell a game before E3 if they have allredy sayd it will be there.xD

      • Harry Barnes

        Its the magazine that is on sale, not the game! But yes they’re more than MGS


          oh ok.xD So what they meant is that the Magazine is on sale that date so buy it to get the secret?

          • Harry Barnes

            Essentially, yes. I have a feeling the internet will get there first!

  • Xino

    like many people guess, and rumour on the net.
    it could be:
    “Metal Gear Solid……….RISING!”I love how Raiden says the word in the opening trailer:)


      It’s not Raiden that says that.xD
      It’s Roy Campbell’s voice… only more derious then ever!
      But Raiden has a much more light voice.;-)

      • Xino

        oh ok…but I like that voice

        in fact I’m gonna watch the trailer AGAIN!

        • Harry Barnes

          What a great idea!


           I watched it so much that the Trailer is permanently burned into my eyes! When ever i want to see it i just close my eyes and hold my hands over my ears and i have the Portable version of the Trailer!:-D

          • Harry Barnes

            Wow, that’s dedication!

  • Tim Hayes

    “a very stealthy announcement”.  It’s MGS Rising, and it’s probably an exclusive preview.  Not something big for PS3, but for OPM

    • Harry Barnes

      Yeah, thats definitely another way of looking at it, but regardless it must be good news for both PS3 a d OPM.

  • Everett Phoenix

    probably metal gear raiden, or the metal gear vita game

  • Anonymous

    Kojima has already mentioned MGS Rising will be getting a re-reveal next month; and GTAV will be a given. So a solid issue it will be….ahem.

  • Myemail

    PS4 bitches

    • Harry Barnes

      This would be great, but don’t you think they would leave it until the next E3?

  • Nunavutdude

    Too all those people that think they are the bright minded.  It says on SALE nov 29th.  not NEW NEWS.

    • Harry Barnes

      Which means it may be released as news before then.

  • Hard

    Nothing new. It’s just the complete unveiling of MGS:Rising. Don’t ride the Sony overhype train!

    • Harry Barnes

      I’m really looking forward to the reveal now!

  • The Scrutineer

    Any of the 3 will be awesome!!!

    • Harry Barnes

      Good to know you agree!

  • darkeagle101

    MGS5 for PS4 using the new Fox Engine?


    I kind of want it to be MGS Rising. Yupp i sayd MGS Rising.
    Just to get it out of the way, it’s not called Metal Gear Solid cause of Solid Snake.
    People think that whitout Snake it can’t have Solid in the name.
    Back when Metal Gear 1 and 2 game it had Solid Snake in them.
    But no Solid in the name.

    Solid comes from the fact that in Metal Gear Solid they had Solid 3D graphics.
    Solid Graphics in Metal Gear 3 aka Metal Gear Solid.
    So then came a sequel that still had Solid 3D graphics so it maked it to MGS3.;-)
    Metal Gear ”Solid” has nothing to do whit Solid Snake.;-)

    Back to the ! again.:-D
    ! is whit no doubt looking like a MGS! !:-D
    If you study them they can have a little difrent collors in them.
    The Green’ish i have seen… in MGS2 i think.
    Raiden! The Green smoke might not mean anything at all…
    Just an Effect so the backround would not be boring.
    the 3 dots… S? dot dot dot aka S * * * _ _ _ * * * SOS!xD random….
    Nah i can’t really see Anything whit GTAV in this… really.

    and MW3 might be that… cause as we see the On sal thing is after the release.
    Maybe a DLC map Pack for MW3 coming Exclusive to PS3 that date?
    I hope not cause the Map Pack for CoD are over priced shity maps.xD
    And on Sale 29 Nov.
    Hmmm… it can’t be MGS.

    Kojima sayd they will be on E3 2012, Showing og MGS Rising next year.
    So it can’t be Rising, and MGS5 i do not think it is… Kojima has sayd that Peace Walker is MGS5. for him… and it’s hes series so that means MGS PW is MGS5.
    and Anyways he would not sell a new MGS tittle next moth before MGS Rising that we have never heard about.xD and as we all know MGS HD Collection is coming NEXT year February.

    You know what i’m thinking? This is like that Video.
    It’s meant to make us think and over think and lead us the wrong way… but when it comes it’s just MGS4 being released on Playstation Store ore something.Dx

    But still it can be something BIG!:-O
    ore it might be something totaly random and not related to MGS, MW3 ore GTAV.
    Who knows… I’m GOING CRAZY!!!!Dx TELL US SONY!!!!

    • Harry Barnes

      I was thinking something to do with Snake Eater? There was that screenshot from a fox engine showcase, with a Snake esque figure.


         What? Snake Eater?
        Ok Snake Eater is included in the HD Collection that will be released next year.
        So why On sale 29 Nov… ther has been sayd nothing about the Games coming on PSN before it comes on a Disc.
        And anyways MGS2 would be released before MGS3.;-)

        And the Fox Engin and MGS3… together makes no sence.
        Have you seen the Fox Engin Demo?
        To upgrade MGS3 to the Fox Engin would take more then just updating it.
        They would need to make a total REMAKE… aka make the game from start to finish… again. and back to the fact that MGS3 is in the HD Collection so why release a Remake of a game that we get in a Updated version next year?

        And it has nothing whit the SNake Eater 3D for 3DS… that is Nintendo News.
        I Really don’t think this has anything to do whit MGS3 ore HD Collection.
        I was hoping MGS Rising but as Kojima sayd that will be coming on next years E3. So Most likly something totaly new i believe…
        and On Sale… the Fox Engin is not going to be sold… it’s a Engin.
        and Kojima is not a Playstation Exclusive company.

        The Foc engin will be in the next  Kojima games to come, aside from Rising.
        and Kojima will now release hes games on PS3, Xbox 360 and PC.
        and whit Wii U coming up they will most likly also get the Kojima games.
        So why would this be big news for Playstation?

  • Agent75

    If it’s a new Metal Gear game, how is that big news?  It’s obvious there was going to be a new one at some point.  Even if it’s a PS3 exclusive, it’s no big deal.

    • Harry Barnes

      You can say the same about a new console: it’s expected, but big news.

  • Anonymous

    I don’t think this has anything to do with a game. surprise releases of games in the winter are dumb.

    • Harry Barnes

      A re-reveal or new game would be perfect now, build up hype for Spring.

  • Harry Barnes

    Thanks to @THEPRINCEOFHATE:disqus  we have quite a discussion going on here!

  • Probationviol8or

    i bet its the metal gear solid hd pack. that drops in november, but last i heard the date got bumped from nov. 29th to nov. 8th

  • Black Ops 2

    should play game on it .. like Black Ops 2