Sony tested PSN today, trophies synced

We have just caught the first promising glimpse of the end, as on Sony’s Facebook app for the PlayStation app, it indicated some trophies have been synced in Japan today. Have a look at the link below and tell us what you make of it. Hopefully Sony are at the final testing stages, and I do not blame them one bit for making sure it is secure before restarting the world’s servers.

Click the Japanese flag on the link below to see for yourself!

Harry Barnes

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  • AnimaOnline

    I’m just looking forward to forgetting about all of this and enjoying some Portal 2 to be honest. You can’t go five minutes without someone mentioning the hacks at the moment. Hopefully a good few PlayStation related announcements at E3 will give people something else to talk about.

  • Matthew Edgley

    Yeah! Will be good to get back to the gaming without constant bombarding from Xbox live players! And for sure, Sony have got to release some great things at E3 in order to gain their reputation back.